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林強 榮譽退休教授

C.Lin (林強)

PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Fields of Interest
‧    Nuclear power plant reactor core reload design automation/optimization
‧    Nuclear power plant control system design
Research Statement


The reactor core reload design includes fuel lattices design, axial fuel assembly design (BWR only), loading pattern design, and control rod pattern design (BWR only). The optimization algorithm will be applied to achieve automatic design objective for each module. Then, the large- scale automation/optimization system that contains these modules will be developed in a coupled way.  The success of the research will dramatically reduce the design effort.
Publications (Selected):

01.C. Lin, K.-C. Leou, Y.-H. Fan, T.-C. Li, K.-H. Chang, L.-S. Lee, and P.-J. Tzeng, 2007, May, “Effects of in situ N2 plasma treatment on etch of HfO2 in inductively coupled Cl2/N2 plasmas”, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A vol. 25, pp. 592-596.  (SCI)

02. C-S Lee and C. Lin, 2007 Sep., “Automatic Search of the Power Ascension Path for a Boiling Water Reactor using Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network”, Nucl. Technol., vol. 26, pp. 256-266.  (SCI) NSC95-NU-7-007-002

03. C. Lin, K.-C. Leou, T.-C. Li, L.-S. Lee, and P.-J. Tzeng, 2008 Sep., “Feedback control of HfO2 etch processing in inductively coupled Cl2/N2/Ar plasmas “, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 26, 1282-1286.  (SCI) NSC95-2221-E-007-074

04. C. Lin, K.-C. Leou, H.-M. Huang, and C.-H. Hsieh, 2009 Jan/Feb, “Feedback control of plasma electron density and ion energy in an inductively coupled plasma etcher”,  J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 27, 157-164.  (SCI) NSC96-2221-E-007-154

05. C.-D. Wang and C. Lin, 2009 Aug., “Automatic boiling water reactor loading pattern design using ant colony optimization algorithm”, Ann. Nucl. Energy 36, 1151-1157 (SCI) NSC98-2623-E-007-016-NU

06. C. Lin and W.-T. Yen, 2010 May, “Automatic Power Ascension Search for a Boiling Water Reactor using the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm”, Nucl. Technol. Vol.170, pp. 281-289      (SCI) NSC97-2221-E-007-058

07. T.Y. Hsiao, C. Lin, and Y.R. Yuann, 2010 Nov., “Identification of iniating events for a pressurized water reactor accidents.”, Ann. Nucl. Energy  37, 1502 – 1512 (SCI)

08. C. Lin and H.-J. Chang, 2011 July, ”Identification of pressurized water reactor transient using template matching”, Ann. Nucl. Energy  38, 1662 – 1666 (SCI)

09. C.-D. Wang and C. Lin, 2011 Oct., “Automatic Boiling Water Reactor Control Rod Pattern Design using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm”, Nucl. Technol., vol. 176, 72-82.  (SCI) NSC99-2623-E-007-004-NU

10. C. Lin and B.-F. Lin, 2012 May,”Automatic pressurized water reactor loading pattern design using ant colony algoritm”,  Ann. Nucl. Energy  43, 91 –98.       (SCI) NSC98-2221-E-007-098

(+886) (03) 5715131 ext.62246
ESSBuilding, R315
National Tsing Hua University
Department of Engineering and System Science
Sec. 2, Kuang-Fu Road, Hsinchu, 30013, Taiwan
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